About money bank

MoneyBank - is a peer-to-peer lending platform

With a mission of creating pioneering digital finance services in Vietnam, we are proud to be a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects people across Vietnam.

Thanks to advanced financial technologies loans are available 24 hours a day. Borrowers can get loan directly from investors without any intermediaries and don’t have to provide collateral and time consuming paperwork. Investors' risks are minimized thanks to data-driven, reliable scoring technology from the world's leading risk experts. Our borrowers get great service and pay lower interest rates, while investors earn high returns.

Small loans are available 24/7 without paperwork

Our fintech experience in Asia since 2013 helps us disrupt slow and restrictive traditional lending, so we can bring loans to consumers faster and without collateral.

Available throughout Vietnam

MoneyBank covers 63 provinces in Vietnam (excluding island districts). Users are supported 24/7 throughout the country

Repay the loan fast and easy

MoneyBank users can make payments easily 24/7 at over 2,000 offices and 5,000 partners of bank or Viettel office across the country

Improve your credit history

MoneyBank has developed credit scoring technology which is widely used by banks and finance companies, thereby assisting in building good credit ratings for our users.

We help developing our community

MoneyBank platform connects local residents so we support the flow of money within the same community from investors to borrowers. Instead of big banks, we bring investors' money back to our community supporting small family businesses and life improvements of our community members.